Artist Valerie Fuqua chose to tell a story about the strength and courage of women.
Although women are often referred to as the "weaker sex", Valerie's series negates this
myth and each torso represents the powerful impact women have on both their own
families and society as a whole.

Women begin their lives as daughters and from there they each embark on their
personal journey. This collection of torsos depicts women whose ages span several
decades.  They include artists, poets, healers, musicians, survivors of cancer and sexual
abuse, mothers and grandmothers. Everyone's body has a story to tell and each carries
both emotional and physical scars. It is Valerie's belief that life's obstacles make a person
stronger and these "scars" should be worn as badges of honor. The glass and stone
embellishments represent the scars of life and the beauty and strength they add to our
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