Solving the Puzzle ~ Search For a Cure
In memory of my mom, Carol Van Dyke
When I heard the Scleroderma Foundation was seeking donated art for a silent auction, I felt compelled to make a piece in
honor of my Mom's memory.  She was diagnosed with scleroderma in 1977 and lived a vibrant 20 years jam packed with
world travel and cherished moments with family and friends.  You can learn more about scleroderma at

The foundation  held a silent auction at their National Gala on November 13th, 2004 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago,
IL.  The theme for this year's gala was "Reaching New Heights".    They asked artists to donate work depicting the Chicago
skyline.   Below is my panel, "Solving the Puzzle ~ Search For a Cure".  The 16"x24" mosaic is made of vitreous glass tile,
ceramic tile and stained glass.  

The Scleroderma Foundation chose my panel to grace the cover of the program and invitation for their National Gala.   
Thank you so much!  This is for you, Mom!
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Introducing a story of friendship...

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After I finished the "Solving the Puzzle" panel shown above, I shared it with my online mosaic friends.  I received an e-mail from
Tammy Wise, owner of the Tile Shack
(, and she told me that her good friend, Kathy Barrett has
Scleroderma.  Tammy offered to donate materials from her tile business if I would make another mosaic for the Scleroderma
Foundation in honor of her friend, Kathy.  I contacted the Foundation and they said they would be happy to include another
mosaic with an open theme for their silent auction at their National Gala in November.

I call this panel "Amici" which is Italian for "friends".  While the panel has a contemporary design, I like to think that the pastel
Prism glass represents the love and friendship shared by Kathy and Tammy and the black tiles represent obstacles.  Their
bond strengthens and supports one another, presenting a united front against darker times.

Tammy and Kathy have been friends for 14 years.  Although Kathy lives in Kingsport, Tennessee and Tammy now resides in
Shawnee, Oklahoma, Tammy's generosity shows that distance hasn't weakened their bond.

I asked Tammy to tell me about Kathy and my two favorite things she said were, "
Kathy is the most amazing person that I
." and "Kathy is greatest friend that anyone could ever have."
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