Jungle Leaf
China, glass gems and metallic vitreous tile.
All digital photographs and mosaic designs copyright ©2002-2020 Valerie Fuqua.
Love Goddess
Smalti, handmade ceramic tile,
Dichroic fused cabochon, glass beads,
sea glass, stained glass, transparent
smalti, Italian smalti, Mexican smalti,
rotti, tempered glass & Glacier tiles
Olive Mirror Commission

Eleven patterns of china, stained
glass, Glacier tiles, glass beads,
vitreous, Mexican smalti, Italian
smalti, rotti and pebbles on MDF.

Vitreous, fused glass ovals, glass
beads, glass gems, Mexican smalti,
Italian smalti, rotti on MDF base.
"A Heart's Odyssey" 2004
12" x 12"
Red china, vitreous glass, iridium glass,
beads and millefiori.  This has been
grouted with two colors, Lipstick Red
and Pewter
"Sahara Nights" 2004

Colorful china, vitreous glass tile,
stained glass, glass gems and pebbles
adorn this glass vase.
12" x 20"
Stained glass, millefiori, ceramic
tile, fused tiles, tempered glass
over an acrylic paint effect and
vintage lapis cabochons..
Winner of "Best of Show"
Currently showing at Monarch
Gallery in Washington, Illinois
"Lady for a Day" 2004

China, stained glass, vitreous
glass, buttons, beads & more
Fashion Accessories

Glass beads, fused cabachons, millefiori and beautiful art glass adorn pendants and belt
buckles producing one-of-a-kind fashion accessories.  Wear art!
"Art Meets Wall" - 2006

Italian smalti, rotti, glass iridium tile,
millefiori on a MDF base.
"Mother Knows Best" 2007

18 3/4"W x 23"H
Mexican smalti, millefiori, vintage china,
buttons and acrylic
"Surrender" 2007

7 7/8"H x 15 7/8" W x 1 1/4"D  
Shells, stained glass, vitreous
glass, fresh water pearls, glass
beads, millefiori, smalti, rotti,
moonstone on MDF.