"Temperature Rising"

6"W x 15"H
Mexican and Italian smalti and
rotti on MDF.
"Dangerous Curves"

Smalti, rotti, vintage glass cabochons, and handmade
ceramic tiles on a MDF base.  
"Stream of Life"

Italian smalti, Mexican smalti, transparent smalti,
fused glass, beads, gems, stained glass, vitreous
tile, crystal & glitter glass tiles, tempered glass,
iridium glass, and sea glass on a handmade
Featured in Brit Hammer Dijck's book, "Mosaic:  
Finding Your Own Voice"

12" x 12"
Bisazza tile, tempered glass, textured
clear glass over an acrylic paint
effect and millefiori with red grout.
All digital photographs and mosaic designs copyright ©2002-2020 Valerie Fuqua.
"Montego Blues"

16"Hx 7.5"W x 6"D

Mexican smalti, glass gems,
millefiori,  handmade fused
glass tiles, stained glass,
vitreous glass, glass rocks and
tons of gorgeous glass beads.
"Portofino Dawn"

10"H x 12" W x 7"D

A ribbon of Mexican smalti surrounded by china, vitreous &
stained glass, handmade fused glass tiles, glass beads,
iridium glass tiles and smalto.
"Bob, Why the Long Face?"

20"H x  9 1/2" W x 4 1/4"D

Mexican smalti, millefiori, vintage glass beads, fused glass tiles,
stained glass, vitreous glass, glitter tiles, Karma glass tiles on a
wood base.
21"W x 34"H
This is my contribution to a
Steve Irwin tribute mural
that will be on display at his
zoo in Australia.  The
brilliant Sandy Robertson
in Oz is heading the

16"Hx13"Wx10 1/2"D

Hundreds of vintage and new
buttons and mother of pearl
beads adorn this statue in
overlapping layers.  The base
is finished with acrylic paint.
"Shining Through"

Perdomo smalti, rotti, fused glass, vintage glass
cabochons, glass seed beads, millefiori and a recycled
section of a light fixture on MDF.

Perdomo smalti, fused glass, vintage
glass cabochons, millefiori, buttons
and ceramic beads.
"Chief Build a Dam...His Friends
Call Him Beaver"

Stained glass, Perdomo smalti,
millefiori, fused glass, china, vintage
glass cabochons and ceramic beads

Perdomo and Orsoni smalti, rotti, beach glass,
vintage glass cabochons, vitreous glass, stained
glass, fused glass cabochons, beads and china
on a sculpted acrylic background.

Perdomo smalti on an acrylic