Trees are symbolic of our lives.
We are forever growing,
reaching for the stars.

We are covered with buds,
some that will bloom this season,
and others that are still forming inside of us,
waiting for their time.

Tender leaves,
guided carefully,
will go on to flourish,
taking on the world in a blaze of color.

more fragile,
like a Spring flower,
are only here with us for a short time,
for they are treasures for the moment,
to be cherished while they are here.

Our strengths grow like branching limbs,
staying with us,
constantly striving to improve.
The winds may blow,
but we stand firm in our convictions.

As the seasons change,
so may our appearance.

When things seem bare,
and without hope,
we need to look deep inside ourselves
to find the beauty of life,
much like a tree in Winter.
To some,
the tree stands bare in the cold,
being pummeled by the elements.
To others,
it is laced with snow,
dripping with crystal icicles,
and rejuvenating itself,
readying for another Spring.

And unlike trees,
we have been given the gift
of our buds blooming year round,
thus providing us with an un-ending amount
of challenges
and opportunities.
Allow yourself to embrace this internal
and you shall forever grow
and never feel empty.
by Valerie Fuqua

I dedicate this poem to two "Spring
flowers", my Mom and my dear friend,
Robin Brett.
All digital photographs and mosaic designs copyright ©2002-20020 Valerie Fuqua.